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manufacture daum cristal contemporain


The piece resulting from his collaboration with Daum, highlights Yann Masseyeff’s artistry. Drawing its raw and powerful shape from ancient origins, with tribal forms becoming an allegory on time, the work features two elements and four compositions that all relate to evolution, expressing the artist’s uncertainty and reflection on our time on Earth.

Exploring concepts relating to the mark we leave behind, the importance of transmission through art and the emotion tied to the material, he created Evolution, an 8-piece limited edition for Daum. The work is made of pâte de cristal, a unique material with a specific play on texture, light and reflection, which evokes specific emotions.

“I have always loved Daum’s works from the 1930s.
Structured vases in a dense and beautiful material.
The pâte de cristal indeed reveals textures while playing on translucency.
Daum’s history is also one of continuous collaboration with artists over the years.
And it is a great joy for me to create and share these pieces with the know-how of Maison Daum.”

manufacture daum cristal
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