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RE Pair

Intrepid travellers who roam the planet, I entrust you with a sculpture...

The goal is to leave the sculpture somewhere, if possible hidden from view, so that it stays in place as long as possible.

You can place it in an urban environment, or out in the wild. It's your choice. Just send me information about your chosen spot. A street name, GPS coordinates if out in the sticks or a detailed plan with identifiable landmarks.

You should then take three photos and send them to me. (See examples)

Thanks for taking part.

Photo #1 : A close-up where we can appreciate the sculpture.


Photo #2 : The sculpture and its close environment. It's not important to see the details of the sculpture. It just has to be in the photo, even if it is only very small..



Photo #3 : The sculpture and the details don't matter. We just need to recognise the area shown in the first two photos. A very wide shot.


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