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Yann Masseyeff

invests the Place Vendôme with a new work, ̋LIGNE DE VIE". An allegory of time, the work reads like an ode to the singularity of each individual. ̋LIGNE DE VIE ̋ reveals the human condition in its contradictory relationship to time.

A creation that is part of the continuity of the work carried out for several years by this visual artist, Yann Masseyeff has very quickly moved from drawing to the most total commitment of modeling ceramics.

Nourished by the most diverse cultural influences, his three-dimensional paintings explore a thousand and one metamorphoses of the earth, in an instinctive, spontaneous work, awakening and revealing primitive forms as if they had emerged from our most ancestral memories.

The work ̋LINE OF LIFE ̋ is an allegory on time and on the uniqueness of the life of each of us. A work on evolution, on uncertainty, on our time spent on earth. In short, about the human being in front of time and its origins.

From a seed, a ball or an egg, is born an abstract sculpture that will evolve randomly in a form of uncertainty, representing this feeling that there is between the present and the future, while leaving its mark in the past.

This alignment represents a metamorphosis, reminding us of the inevitable passage of time.

This evolution ends as it began creating the cycle of life, leaving a unique imprint, as the signature of the identity of each of us.

It incites us to this reflection: What are we doing with our lives ?

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